In this page, you can find a statement that discloses information about the methods with which we gather, use, disclose and manage the website visitors’ data. Several forms that we published on this website may ask you to enter your personal data such as your name, email address, your interested study program, date of birth etc. It allows you to frequently receive our newsletter and any updated news about our events. We believe that you have placed your trust in this website. Thus, hereby we would like to show you how we handle your personal data with the utmost care.

Web Application in which data is kept

Nuffic Neso Indonesia keeps data on platform
This platform has been operated since September 2019.

What we gather from you?

There are 2 types of personal data that we collect. First is mandatory personal data such as Name and E-mail. You have to re-confirm your E-mail and create your own password then confirm your password.

Second is optional/voluntary data such as proposed degree, field of study, study program, date of birth, phone number, occupation, for whom you are looking the study in Holland information, intended year of study, and source of fund. These data are for statistic purpose only.

Why we need that information?

We will use your email to send out our newsletter and any updated news about study in Holland and our events.

During our events, participating institutions might want to have your data. If you let them scan your QR code during the event or inform them your personal code number, they will have the access to your data and they might use the information as your curriculum vitae to see if it is fit to their offered study programs.

We use the information to provide better, more customized marketing services such as updates, better ads, and more valuable information. You acknowledge that this information is personal to you and by creating an account on our website, you allow us and selected third party to identify you, including further process your information, if needed.

This policy may change from time to time so please re-read this policy periodically.

The system will store your details up to 3 years since the first registration, the system will send you an auto email to notify you about the time of deletion and if you would like us to keep your data longer then you can click the link provided in the email. If you miss or ignore the email deletion reminder then your data will be deleted automatically by the system.

To whom we disclose your information?

Your partial data (such as email) could possibly extend to these related parties: - Higher Education Institutions - Government/National Education Institutions

However, in compliance to the General Data Protection Regulation, the legal framework from the EU (effective since May 25, 2018), your complete data (especially phone numbers) will not be transmitted to a 3rd party without your express of permission. In addition, we would carefully assess your profile and interest before we disclose your data to make sure you receive the right information. No other than mentioned parties would have any access to your data as we collect and store your data in one highly protected system.

Privacy Notice for European Citizens (Your Legal Rights Under the GDPR)

The right to be informed

We strive to always be transparent and will keep you informed regarding the utilization of your personal information.

The right to access

If you wish to access your personal information, you can login using your registered email address and the password that you have created. If you have any difficulty in having the access, please contact at any time.

The right to rectification
If you find any inaccuracies in the personal information we hold about you, you have the right to update the information. You can do this after you successfully login to the system and then click ‘update profile’ in the menu of personal information. If you have any difficulty in having the access, please contact at any time. Moreover, if the information has been passed to a third party (with your consent and for legal reasons), we will rectify with the third party too where possible.

The right to erasure (or also known as ‘the right to be forgotten’)
If you wish for us to erase your personal information on the website, please send an email to Or you can also delete your personal data by simply login to the system and click ‘delete account’ under the menu of personal information. The right to data portability If you would like to request a copy of your personal data that you have given to us (as the data controller), to port and reuse the information across different platforms or to take it to other organizations, please send an email to

The right to object
If you object for us to process your data even if the processing is for legitimate purposes as we described in the Privacy Policy, please express your objection by sending an email to

The right to withdraw consent
If you would like to withdraw your consent to process your data even if you did give us the consent previously, please send an email to and we will stop processing your data immediately.

Would you like to correct or update your personal information?
You have a right to access, amend, and eliminate the data you have submitted to us. You may delete any of your information at any time by login to the system using your registered email address and your password or request us to delete it for you by contacting Your request will be handled immediately.